About Us

MFB Traders Ltd is a residential construction company dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship and design. From remodels to boutique developments, we focus on elevating every project with thoughtful architectural details and materials. Our network of respected architects and designers across the south provides a base of lead generation and a valuable network for ideas and options for our customers. We are a small, intimate builder with the ability to draw from our resources to offer an expanse of style, product choices and pricing. Our company size ensures clients receive a personal experience with communication throughout the process for on time and on budget projects. We maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

From design and planning, right through to adding the final finishing touches, we keep your needs in mind, ensuring we meet all your requirements. Rest assured that our team of experts will lead you through the whole process, which elevates the stress and hassle involved with you having to deal with numerous parties, giving you one single point of contact and responsibility.

At MFB Traders Ltd, we are renowned for the exquisite levels of finishes our own craftsmen deliver. Yet we remain firmly grounded in our approach. We can deliver the home your have always dreamt of.

Why We Us Preffered?

General Building Services


Specializing in a range of building services including house extensions, loft conversions, and renovations we put our client’s visions at the centre of each project, and we believe this partnership ensures a finished result that will exceed expectations.

Dedicated Workforce

All works are undertaken by our experienced and established workforce, many of which have been with us from the very start. Covering all relevant building trades in the house but also drawing on an established team of sub-contractors that we have utilized successfully for many years. All operating as a team, working together to deliver a high-quality end project.

Project Managements

We will generally have several projects running simultaneously. Each project is controlled by one of our designated site manager who will be responsible for the day to day running of the site, which has the full support of the team. This, together with the office and on-site procedures, combined with great communication and forward planning guarantees that each project is completed successfully, within budget, and within the designated time scale.

NEW Builds

Let Us Build Your New Home!

MFB TRADERS LTD can take your Custom New Home Construction Project from Design Concept and Plans to completion of your Dream Home. Whether you choose to build your new home in the City, the Suburbs, or out in the country, we provide all the building services you need. Beginning with the preliminary Plans, Site Selection, and Site Orientation, Permits, Plan Check, Utilities, Roads, Excavation, Wells, Septic, etc. Through Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Insulation, Heating/Cooling Systems. To Completion Work of selecting and installation of Carpet, Flooring, Fixtures, Granite, Paint, Appliances, etc. We will work with you to ensure that everything works for you! We take care of all the specific building details in the home, making sure we provide you a home built to last a life time.


Building Extensions

No-one wants to feel cramped and over-crowded, as families grow space can become a premium, everyone wanting an area to call their own. A larger kitchen, an office or study area, an extra bedroom for guests, even a special spot for reading or crafts. Whatever space you require we will work with you to produce an addition that complements your home and provides you with the extra space you need

MFB TRADERS LTD unique team works on your ideas, offering you design options, detailed construction plans, and the ‘Perfect Finish’ that allows you to just walk into your new space.

For those who lack a backyard in their home, have you thought of expanding by the addition of a terrace or balcony? These extensions mean you could have a fantastic garden area for yourself, maybe a herb garden or a tranquil Japanese garden. If you dream of a garage or workshop this can also be realized. Our professional and experienced staff know how to interpret dreams and make a practical and beautiful addition to your home.

Building an extension or buying somewhere bigger? Struggling with what option to choose? Weigh up the upheaval of finding somewhere suitable, packing up and moving; against staying in your well-loved home – a much more practical and less time-consuming option when you use our company to build your extension. Our experienced and trained personnel take you effortlessly through every stage, and our craftsmen and builders keep the construction to a minimum disturbance. Our Perfect Finish (a full internal refurbishment) allows you a finished project ready to walk into and sit down. Financially an extension makes sense, house prices continue to rise, and then with Stamp Duty, agent’s fees, moving costs, it is no wonder moving is considered one of the top stressors. Building an extension, by contrast, will not break the bank, with our guidance, we will plan for every contingency keeping well within your budget.

One point to bear in mind is if you remain on-site while construction is ongoing. If the construction workers need access to every room, the best way to preserve your sanity and keep the project on track is to take yourself off-site for a few months, particularly if there are children in residence. Do not forget to add the costs of alternative accommodation to your budget.


Perfect Finish

We offer full refurbishment services. As a company driven by quality standards, we offer a full range of services & property maintenance. Consultations with our customers, listening to their requirements and expectations have directed us to the service we provide today. Every project and every customer adds to our family’s experience, and we will continue to communicate with our customers, listening, and evolving, as that is what a family does to grow.

Loft Conversions

Why Loft Conversions?

Looking to extend your living space? No room for an extension? Then consider moving upwards; a loft conversion will give you another floor to your property, and that much-needed extra space. Looking for the right professionals to handle this for you? Our company offers a complete package to ensure your conversion meets all your expectations.

The technical details to implement your ideas should not be underestimated, and you can trust our savvy experts who will help you make the correct decisions, we are with you all the way through the process, from obtaining the necessary documentation to design and implementation. Every detail is carefully checked, upgrading options discussed to make the most of the construction space available. All our work is undertaken by trained professionals who use quality materials following a strict schedule.

Personal preferences and the inclusion of modern/ecological materials are employed per customers’ wishes. As the cost of moving homes soars, many people are looking to loft conversions to create extra living space, maybe an extra bedroom or study? Converting the attic area can add a significant amount of floor space and our professionally designed and built loft conversions can substantially increase your property’s value. We offer construction of a variety of lofts designed to suit your architecture and space. Not only that but we also offer ‘Perfect Finish’ a full internal refurbishment, which means when we complete a job all you need to do is walk into it.

Garage Conversions

A garage conversion can be a great way to add space to your London home. Garages can be relatively easy and cost-effective to convert when compared to other home improvement options, such as loft conversions or a rear extension.

While garages can often be long and narrow, they can also be great living spaces, especially when opened up to the rest of the house as part of a reconfiguration of the ground floor. Converting your garage can completely change how you use your home and offer you the space you need, whether it’s to accommodate a growing family, create a home office or a hobby room.

MFB TRADERS LTD offers a wide range of construction services, including high-quality garage conversions and garage extensions. Your garage is an integral and highly functional part of your home, and this simple structure helps to protect your vehicles and provide you with storage. If your existing garage space is underutilized, however, it can also be used to extend your kitchen, expand your bedroom, or create an entirely new room for work or hobbies.


Building Demolition Services

As time goes by, old buildings are replaced with new ones and sites are repurposed to fit the changing needs of a developing society. Similarly, when buildings age and deteriorate, they are replaced with sturdier structures. In order to carry out such renovations and construction projects, it is necessary to first demolish the existing building and clear the site for further construction.

It takes a great level of planning and expertise to carry out a building demolition and MFB TRADERS LTD offers just that. We provide highly adaptable services that cater to the specific needs of each site. Our expert teams ensure that all structures are safely removed and the sites are completely cleared for new projects. We make use of environmentally friendly techniques while providing building demolition services and ensure minimal disturbance to the surrounding structures.

We have experience of working with a variety of different sites that include listed buildings and heritage environments. Our building demolition services include end-to-end project management. As part of our service, we ensure that all materials recovered from the site are recycled, reused, or disposed of effectively. We take measures to minimize the air pollution and disturbance to the neighbors and ensure that the project is completed within budget.

Groundworks & Excavations

At MFB TRADERS LTD, our civil engineers offer comprehensive excavation and groundwork services.

What Is Excavation and Groundwork?

Essentially, excavation and groundwork prepare the site or ground for piling or foundation works.

Our highly skillful civil engineers use an extensive range of plant, transport, and tools to complete your project to the highest standard.


Excavation is the process of digging a hole in order to make room for a new foundation or structure. For example, excavation is one of the first stages of our piling service.

Usually, our excavation contractors team will carry out excavation with a small digger. As industry experts, they can conduct projects professionally without causing disruption to your property and larger project.


Our groundwork contractors are equipped and experienced in all groundwork, including site clearance and prep, drainage, reinforced concrete slabs, & landscaping.

In addition, we can supply all materials and equipment and provide any building inspections or structural engineer designs necessary.

Our groundwork contractors are qualified to work on both industrial and domestic projects. Furthermore, we can manage your whole project or simply provide excavation work.

To get a free quote or to simply find out more about our excavation and groundwork services

Structural Repairs

MFB TRADERS LTD Structural Repair services specialize in all forms of structural repair and reinforcement. We’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions that are non-disruptive and professionally installed to the highest standards.


We work alongside structural engineers. They will produce a structural report of the property and within that, they may suggest any necessary structural repairs. This is where we step in.

A structural engineer will often recommend our company specifically or suggest an approved Helifix installer, like us, with the expertise to carry out these repairs. This is how many of our clients come to contact us.

To be clear – we do not offer structural engineers’ reports, but we do carry out the repairs that are suggested within the reports.

As an approved Helifix installer, MFB TRADERS LTD provides a wide range of repair techniques that can be combined to produce the best solution for your structural problems, from wall cracking to foundation sinking. They include Helifix, Platipus ground anchors, micro piles, Cintec Sock anchors, and various concrete repair products.

The MFB TRADERS LTDteam has a wealth of experience in their fields, offering a complete structural repair service in surrounding areas. We will diagnose the problem and then design and execute a cost-effective repair. Regardless of the issue, you are facing, we provide you with a free consultation.


Interior & Exterior Renovations

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. At MFB TRADERS LTD, we provide interior and exterior renovations services that are cost-effective and reliable. You can rely on our team of experts to renovate your home with excellent results. We’ll help you create your dream home with our comprehensive remodeling services.

If you need to change your home by a small amount or a drastic amount, call us to make your home more enjoyable for you and your family.

We have the same goals that you have when you begin a renovation project: getting the work done well, quickly, and at the lowest cost that doesn’t compromise quality.

Perfect property maintenance has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling, and project safety. We have an experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

Take your property to the next level

Need interior and exterior renovation? You have come to the right place! Count on us for all your home improvement needs. Our team is equipped to handle all types of exterior renovation services. get in touch with our experts.

Mechanical & Electrical Installations


When a new build or refurbishment project needs a complete building services system rather than individual elements of it, the project can quickly become complicated and prone to delays due to the variety of suppliers and engineers required to work around each other.

Our comprehensive approach and widely skilled team ensure simplicity and cost savings with a clear project management structure and single point of contact for the client.

Planning cost effective installations

With multi-supplier approaches you often see time wasted in the simplest ways; every service access point has to be opened up multiple times for each plumber, electrician, and engineer to install their particular ductwork or wiring. Our projects plan a more cohesive approach where teams used to work around each other do so at every stage, completing each stage of the mechanical and electrical project at the same time for a quicker and less complicated rollout.

Electrical installations and expertise

We can incorporate all aspects of electricity, from lighting systems to total power supply, through a specialist sister company that works alongside us on many of our projects. Integrating their services alongside ours maintains the single point of contact approach for our clients and ensures time-saving and cost efficiencies are maximized through the package.

We have worked on a variety of challenging and large-scale refurbishment and new build projects, providing the practical end of an architect’s design or getting involved at the earliest stages of concept, planning, and drawings.


Reliable Roofing Services From Industry Experts

MFB TRADERS LTD, Roofing Services are roofing specialists who specialize in all aspects of New Roofs, Flat Roofing, Roofing Repairs, Commercial Roofing and Leadwork. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service at very competitive prices.

We aim to beat any like for like a quote and all sizes of work undertaken. At MFB TRADERS LTD Roofing Services, our priority will always be ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality work there is to offer. We have multiple years of experience in roofing, so our knowledge of it in all aspects is second to none.

We offer a complete roofing service and can even redecorate after our work is complete if required. This is a service that we offer if you decide you would like a new look to go with your new roof! As an established roofing company, all of our work is carried out by fully qualified tradesmen who offer a professional service, accompanied by clean and tidy workmanship.

We believe that roofing is a skill that should only be carried out by professionals with excellent knowledge of the subject. That is why careful consideration is taken into hiring our each of our roofers at MFB TRADERS LTD Roofing Services.

Keeping a team of motivated workers who can do nothing but keep and improve the standard of work that we offer is one of our main priorities.


Experts in Glazing Services

MFB TRADERS LTD Glazing Services are specialists in windows and doors for both interior and exterior, covering everything from bi-fold doors to porches, all of which are installed to a high standard of craftsmanship. We have it all covered.

Quality Glazing Services

With over 2 decades of experience, we provide top-quality, personal and professional glazing services for your home. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail which we believe is second to none. You can be confident that we deliver quality installations to the very highest standards.


Let the experts install your flooring so you can enjoy it for years to come

Be it for your home, hey can be fitted out with an exquisite floor of your choosing. Just leave the installation to the experienced handymen who will handle everything with diligence and dedication. And best of all, no mess will be left behind. Only a beautiful floor for you to walk on.

All measurement, laying and fitting handled by flooring experts

Types of floors the experts can install for you

Laminate flooring – known for being a cheaper option and easy to install.

Parquet flooring – you can choose from a variety of geometric patterns and shapes like a ladder, basket weave, chevron, or the classic herringbone.

Solid wood flooring – probably the most widely popular flooring option.

Engineering wood flooring – it is similar to hardwood but it has a different composition.

Unique flooring methods we are fully qualified to perform

Glue Down – used for engineered and solid wood flooring

Nail Down – applicable for solid and thicker engineered boards.

Floating – used for engineered wood flooring

Equipment, tools, and materials supplied

We like to say that our services take care of everything and this one makes no exceptions. The professionals bring everything necessary to lay your flooring evenly. In addition to this, they can supply you with the materials you have chosen for your flooring, be it hardwood, tile, linoleum, stone, or carpet. This way you save yourself the annoying trip to the home improvement hypermarket. And we kindly remind you that the costs for the supplied materials will be calculated and added to your final bill.


Our many decades of experience allow MFB TRADERS LTD to tackle even the most challenging of specialist decoration projects.

We have extensive experience in the application and removal of wallpaper and other wall coverings, ensuring the correct application of adhesive and the right processes to a beautifully finished product.

We have installed everything from wall carpet, murals, wallpaper, and wall coverings in residential homes.

In addition, MFB TRADERS LTD has established ourselves as a leading provider of quality heritage, painting, and decorating work. We have worked on many projects in listed buildings and conservation sites


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